Discount brokerage in India, Trade at Zero Brokerage & Earn More than Rs. 50,000 per month

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Open an A/c with Just 500 Per Crore India for your stock and commodity trading and get the benefits of our 20 Times Default highest intraday margin at discount brokerage for Intraday Trading  and also Get Free Tips on mobile, Free Trading mobile App, one and one personal training.

Govt. Charges
NSE :5
Service Tax on Brokerage
0.01% on selling Side
Turnover Charge
SEBI Charges
Total Charges Per Crore Volume
Rs. 1000 per Crore
Rs. 1074 Per Crore
Option Brokerage/Lot
Mobile App
Free for Life
Mobile App Free for Life
A/c Opening fee/ AMC
Rs. 300/Zero
Intraday Limit
10 Times Upto 25 Times
20 Times Upto 25 Time
  • Stamp duty will be applied as per the statewise



Trade at very lowest brokerage in India

Discount brokerage allows clients to invest in shares for free, are planning to expand their business by getting into areas so that you will not allow full-service large brokerages to dominate you.

The larger brokerages will keenly watch the entry of discount players in the margin funding space, and this could also lead to some friction.

Last year, some large brokerages had asked the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to mandate a minimum amount of brokerage so that discount players are not able to continue offering near-zero rates. The capital market regulator, however, did not take note of it, deciding against interfering in free market pricing.

Large brokerages will not worry “Margin funding is not only about money. We offer a host of services related to research, advisory apart from the usual broking platform. There is a relationship manager to provide proper support to their clients.

They are building a good relationship over the years and clients do not switch brokerages only because they are offered lower rates,” said a director of a large brokerage on condition of anonymity.

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Discount Brokerage

In India most of the stock and commodity traders are looking for the cheapest broker for their online trading to save their brokerage. Since most of the intraday traders are loosing their profit in the form brokerage.

Just 500 per crore is providing good solution to trade at discount brokerage so that you can trade easy without loosing your profit in the form of brokerage.

We strongly suggest intraday to save brokerage so that you can stop loosing your profit and trade easy at zero brokerage with unlimited trading plan.

Our discount brokerage plan gives you to trade unlimited trading opportunity. So that you can trade easy to make good and reasonable profit.

Discount brokerages usually allow their clients to trade for their own account with little or no interaction with a live broker. In addition some brokers offer no-commission trades to their clients. So that they can hold a balance greater than a specific amount with them.

Typically, discount brokers provide advanced electronic trading platforms. Which may be appealing to frequent and active traders but may deter some novice investors. Discount brokers typically do not provide financial advice or guidance. And provide instead a service aimed at self-directed investors.

Traditional brokers in contrast will often provide financial advice and investment planning as well as related wealth management services.

Best discount brokerage charges in India

Now open your online trading account via just 500 per crore India and have unlimited trading in mcx and nse at zero brokerage by simply giving discount brokerage of Rs. 9,000 Per Month and Earn more than Rs. 50,000 Per Month. Also get free intraday trading free tips trail and free for ever and trade easy.